By far Damodar Foods is the best place to create  your formulating solutions .Consistent recipe formulations that promises reproducibility of flavors in every batch and complete  forwards and backwards ingredient traceability are our forte. Working with our clients we offer and evaluate the following parameters when developing and formulating. 


 is critical and challenging for your recipes and contributes strongly to the strength of your business. The innovative and well –timed concept is clearly a significant part of developing success but equally important is getting them right.  DFoods   provides each customers support  services that are most essential in recipe  formulations .

Understanding every customers scale up needs , a list of ingredients and quantities based on a total of 100% total weight is acquired. This ensures accuracy in formulations and reproducibility of the flavors which in turn makes it easier to scale up from one size to another. 

of our team  in the recipe formulation system is our strength at DFoods.

Our food scientists take  a hands-on approach in the R&D process and work closely with our customers at every stage of the process. Our technical team will help you  bring your existing production line out of the problems and pitfalls of manual procedures  and ingredient processes by taking your system to the formulated realm. 

at DFoods can produce a comprehensive range of reports giving a detailed view of the operation at any  given point of time. Report data relates to individual ingredient usage, recipe consistency, stock control and production yield. A detailed instructions relating to the product characteristics are also flagged up. 


and prioritize areas for improvement. We are experienced manufacturing process evaluation engineers and can rapidly identify areas for change, identify inefficient plant , procedures and processes and  critical process equipment vulnerabilities. We provide  a detailed report and recommendations We are confident in our ability to provide significant savings and optimize yield whilst minimizing  wastes.