Jegan S Damodarasamy

Founder and Managing partner

Jegan Damodarasamy, is a third-generation entrepreneur who comes with 15 years experience in food industry and presently holds the position of Executive Director at the Coimbatore-based South Indian restaurant chain, Sree Annapoorna Sree Gowrishankar Hotels Pvt Ltd. Having done his undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering from PSG College of technology, Coimbatore he went on to do his Masters in Food Technology from University of Georgia, near Atlanta. He started his career as a food technologist at Chicago-based Newly Weds Foods in 2004. After working with leading brands in the food industry like Mc Donalds, Subway, Dairy Queen,Speciality Foods Group and Tyson Foods, he moved to India in 2007

In 2011 Jegan founded Damodar Foods, a food business start-up with focus on research and development. The primary aim of the start up was to provide customized solution for the food industry. Seeing the lack of good private label manufacturers and also the growth of the private labelling industry, Damodar foods decided to venture into the private label/ co-packing business. Over the years the start-up has established itself as a preferred private label manufacturer specialising in snacks and other products for various brands. At present, Damodar Foods is exporting to USA, UK, Canada and Middle East.

SriJanani Prasad


Srijanani Prasad is also third generation entrepreneur who co-founded Damodar Foods. After completing her Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology from Vellore Institute of Technology she went on to do her M.S in Food Technology from Louisiana State University. Srijanani is the technical brains behind Damodar foods. Her keen focus on Product development, Quality assurance and Process efficiency has made Damodar Foods an irreplaceable partner in private labelling.