A smarter food system with  an  end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain

 Setting  an  application and development that combines taste and technology, we  create customizable solution through innovation. We place  strong emphasis on consistent standard for quality, process and accountability. Formulating your most conventional products with methodologies  efficiently designed for  the ease of preparation, DFoods provides our customers  traceability, conformity and procedure reproducibility from batch to batch.   

Implementing a formulation  which results in  identical  flavor, texture and  appearance for every yield; we provide solutions that can more efficiently regulate your conventional preparation process.

We recognize the importance of our clients’ requirements to develop robust formulations and tactically offer all the extensive preformulation studies relevant. Our goal is to help our clients minimize processing problems, cost and timelines. With everything from process formulation to technical assistance, our R&D  team works directly with you in all aspects of development to make sure that the finished product is consistently reproducible.

A mature Industry …. An appetite for innovation

Automating production and improving process efficiency are our two major objectives. Traceability, conformity and the procedure reproducibility from batch to batch  is the most complex process in the food industry. As a result, improvements in reproducible production requires technology induced efficiency. 

Now, we are simplifying this complex process   leading you to a system of product quality, traceability and process control system. At DFoods, we are expected to deliver  innovative processes that will facilitate fairly simple control of a discrete process. Combining
leading –edge scientific technology with old fashioned processing; we offer best-of-class process solutions.

Industrial , Novel and Fast …..

A clearly laid – out formulation with guidelines on processing is ensured by our technical team. DFoods is able to test the  product yields  at our plant to ensure what the finished product  will resemble when coming off the processor line.  

An exclusive and comprehensive sensory tracking for every product is a great resource at DFoods. The sensory tracking analysis is unique for every product type. This  helps us  monitor  every stage of our formulation process,  its incoming raw materials, flavor delivery components and cooking methods. This will  regulate every process effectively and efficiently.

Focusing  on the development of technologies that will address the shelf-life and taste expectations, we continuously invest in our product development to ensure that our portfolio is in line with the prevailing industry needs