Our research and developments are need based. Earlier research institutes and industries worked in isolation. The research institutes have to be directed to fulfill the requirement of the industry. DFoods  collaborates with leading manufacturing and foodservice industries and restaurants to provide solutions that can more efficiently integrate formula to plate to  improve your products through innovation.

Innovating  formulations involve a team approach right from integrating the conventional  recipe processing, R&D and Formulation to manufacturing processes, yield and flavor tracking. Our scientists work closely with our customers to make all or any necessary changes in the process formulation, flavor and appearance. All along, our technical team are involved with the traceability and reproducibility to ensure consistency and feasibility respectively.

The customers plant assessment and production capabilities  are also taken into consideration with respect to the formulations of each of their product. Therefore our customers are ensured
in the line, maximum uptime and efficiency.

In addition, we spend time at our customer’s plant and conduct on-site training.